A Sassy Western Bride Wears Frye Cowboy Boots

We love it when we see brides wearing cowboy boots. It shows that they stick with their personality, and they’re not afraid to be different. And, why not? No one really even sees your cowboy boots except for you. Why not choose something a little sassy? We met this sassy western bride when we were in a coffee shop on the way home from a buying show. We loved her fun look so much, we asked for a picture.

Thanks for being a sassy western bride wearing cowboy boots with a wedding dress! We love it!

A Sassy Western Bride (wearing Frye cowboy boots) A sassy western bride shows off her Frye cowboy boots!

Have you seen our western wedding style guide? Be sure to check it out for great ideas for your country-themed wedding! If you have a picture to share, submit it below. We’d love to see what western flair you added to your big day!

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