Meet Big Jake: The World's Tallest Horse

Yes, Jake is a big horse. But, just how big is he?

Watch the video below to hear about this magnificent animal:


Here are his stats:

Age: 11 Years

Type: Belgian Gelding

Height: 82.75 inches, that’s 6.89 feet!

Weight: 2600lbs.

Temperament: Jokester

Diet: 1 1/2 bales of hay, 40 quarts of oats per day, plenty of vitamins, and as much water as he can drink.

Jake’s owner, Jerry Gilbert of Smokey Hollow Farm in Ostego, Michigan, has raisde Big Jake since he was young (he wasn’t ever small). He says that despite a friskier youth (sometimes Big Jake would take Jerry with him when he ran outside – he was “extremely hard to hold onto”), Jake is very friendly. He is a gentle giant who loves to joke. He loves all the attention being famous has to offer (read his entry in the Guinness World Records). Big Jake also helps out with Ronald McDonald fundraisers in his spare time.

Jerry says that he is “proud to hold the record and enjoy the people who visit the farm. We enjoy the reactions and when people leave our farm happy from the experience of seeing Jake.”