Cowboy Boots for School | F.M. Light and Sons

It’s that time of year again. The season to buy pencils and paper, backpacks and boots, jackets and jewelry.


Your kids are going back to school.

It’s a bittersweet time – the fun of summer is over, but learning awaits. Sometimes it’s tough to put all the good times in the past.

So, make it easier by outfitting them in the best fashions for back-to-school!

We’ve noticed some trends – and since we’re in the business of helping you, our customer – find exactly what you need, we’re going to spell it all out. Fashions for this fall are all over the board – creativity and fun are the focus. One thing has stood out to us, though.

Cowboy boots are a staple. Why? Well, let me explain!

  • Fashion: The most important aspect to consider when buying your child’s footwear (not really, but let’s humor them). Cowboy boots have a huge range of colors and styles – from pink to bling to camo to basic black – you’ll be able to find exactly what your child wants. That’s a huge bonus.
  • Comfort: Cowboy boots are extremely comfortable. This is because they’re made well! They are also very roomy – which allows for comfort (and length of wear).
  • Versatility: Cowboy boots go with everything. And we mean everything. Think about it: your little girl loves her pink dress – cowboy boots look fantastic with dresses.
    She pulls out a pair of jeans; cowboy boots are made for denim.
    Out come the leggings and tunic shirt – this look is at its best when worn with boots. You see? And your son? Well, guys tend to wear jeans and shirts a lot. Button up shirts when the occasion calls for it, and sweatshirts most of the time. All these items are complimented by boots. There really isn’t anything that doesn’t go with them (unless your child is especially fond of shorts in the dead of winter – sorry, can’t help you there).
  • Durability: Cowboy boots last a long time. The fit allows room for growing, and since kids tend to do a lot of that, finding shoes that fit over a long period of time are a huge help. And, the older the get, the more authentic they look. It’s a sign of pride to have a well-worn in pair of cowboy boots. It shows you love ’em!

For clothing ideas, visit our style board on Pinterest!

Remember – we have clothing for kids as well! (And yes, you can use shopping for them as an excuse to look at a pair of boots for yourself…)