An Old West Photo

We enjoy connecting with people from around the world. We enjoy it for many reasons, but two of them are related. First, we enjoy it because we love to share our little part of the Old West with other people who don’t have a western lifestyle. They’ve come to Steamboat to experience our unique culture, […]

We Were Them – A Poem by Steve Lucas

Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life. – Proverbs 16:31 Perhaps it’s just the way life works. Maybe it’s the growing part of living that imbues us with strength. But sometimes it does seem a bit unfortunate that successive generations seldom learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Isn’t For Just One Month

Just about everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately it is all too easy to become accustomed to seeing pink ribbons everywhere and forget why they are there in the first place. Not to mention that October is over anyway. But these should not be excuses for us to be any less vigilant. That’s why […]

cowgirl boots

Six New Cowgirl Boots

We love the relationship we have with our customers. From helping someone find that perfect gift or getting a person fitted into their first cowboy hat, there are moments that make our job exciting and memorable. One of our favorite moments is fitting customers with new cowboy boots. So imagine the amount of fun we had when we […]