F.M Light Weekend Movie: Watch The Shadow Riders with Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott

We’re huge Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott fans at F.M. Light. They are the perfect cowboys, and every movie they’re in makes you feel as if you’ve stepped out of modern life and into the dusty streets of a wild west town.

Here’s our selection for a weekend movie: The Shadow Riders.

After filming the Sacketts, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott teamed up for another classic Louis L’Amour. If you’re a fan of the sweeping, rugged landscapes and tone of Louis’ books, then this film is perfect. In this movie, they are once again brothers who fought on opposing sides of the Civil War.

They come home to find their loved ones kidnapped by evil raiders.
The raiders are planning on selling them to make money for guns and ammunition. Thus, they begin an adventurous journey to rescue their sisters, brother and sweetheart! Besides the leading characters, their are also other veteran actors that you will recognize. This is a classic western full of grit, and glory, where the good guy always wins. This film is for you if you like to be entertained by the west with chases, comedy and gunfights!