F.M. Light – Fun for Kids: Hank the Cowdog Sings

Hank the Cowdog Logo | Fun for Kids with F.M. Light and Sons | Western Wear in Steamboat SpringsIf you haven’t heard of Hank the Cowdog, then you’re in for a treat.

Hank stars in his own books – a series of (ahem), children’s books (not really – they’re hilarious and fun for adults as well) about his job as head of Ranch Security. Each book tells the adventure from Hank’s point of view, and includes a cast of characters such as his deputy Drover, the owner High Loper, his wife Sally May and their son Little Alfred, the ranch hand Slim, the ever frustrating Pete the Barncat and many more.

The audio versions of the books are perfect for road trips or quiet afternoons, and are read by the author John Erickson, which makes the characters burst into life. Now that you know all about Hank and his posse, we thought we’d share something really fun.

Here is a song from the latest book “The Big Question,” set to be released in October. Enjoy!