Hank the Cowdog: Christmas Cookies Song

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It’s Christmas time! And that means so many things; stockings hung over the fire, lights strung ’round the tree, goodies baking in the oven, and Christmas music. Hank the Cowdog really knows how to celebrate Christmas – this song is great. Here it is: Christmas Cookies, in which he describes all the different sweet treats he’s going to steal…er…eat.

We hope you enjoy this fun, rowdy song from everyone’s favorite head of ranch security. Thanks so much to Hank for sharing this fun Christmas song!

3 thoughts on “Hank the Cowdog: Christmas Cookies Song

  1. Mary Briscoe

    thought you should hear this, since you introduced us to Hank so many years ago….listen to the very last second, so funny! Merry! Phyllis

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