The Tree – a Christmas Poem by Steve Lucas

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the tree

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Feel free to share this poem with your family and friends. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. Many thanks to Steve Lucas who graciously sent it to us. Other poems by Steve can be found here.

From all of us at F.M. Light & Sons, Merry Christmas!

The Tree

Pine tree, I remember when I saw you years ago.

We was trailin’ cattle up this mountain through the snow.
As I rode by, my stirruped boot just barely brushed your top.
I was ridin’ drag, so I thought that I would stop,

And look at you for a moment and wonder if I’d see
A time when you would grow into a genuine Christmas tree.
I noticed you as I rode by every spring and every fall.
For a dozen years and more, I watched as you grew tall.

The drive this fall was the last time I’ll ride down this trail.

When a cowboy gets on in years, some things begin to fail.
Your eyes go bad, you miss your loop, by ten o’clock you tire.
Now I guess I’ll ride a chair in the bunkhouse by the fire.

But first I thought I’d ride up here and find a Christmas tree.
So I brought this packhorse and this cross-cut saw with me.
I thought that I could saw you down and pack you back to home.
I figured this could be the last time that up this hill I’d roam.

Now up on this mountain all alone I stand.
With my pack horse by the bridle and the saw in my hand.

Staring at you tree, old friend, trying to find the will.
To use this saw to cut you down and take you down the hill.

I look at the saw, and then at you, and at the saw once more.
I decide that cuttin’ you down would be actin’ mighty poor.
I’ll just go into town, there’s a tree stand on the square.
I expect that I can find a real nice tree down there.
Live a good life, tree old friend, grow straight and tall,
And remember me when cows trail by here in the fall.

– Steve Lucas