National Day of the American Cowboy

“We celebrate the cowboy as a symbol of the grand history of the American West.”

Celebrate National Day of the American Cowboy with F.M. Light and Sons!

On Saturday, July 24, we’ll be honoring cowgirls and cowboys:

* Western movies rolling all day on our screen
* Roping demonstration
* Coloring contest

Each year for 6 years (including 2010) the United States Senate has declared the 4th Saturday of every July to be National Day of the American Cowboy. We want to be part of making this celebration permanent (the resolution has to be reintroduced each year until it is officially designated a national day of observance by the President). This year the resolution has been passed! We’ll let you know how you can help for next year, July 25th.

You may be wondering about the history of this national day.

Why cowboys?

Well, cowboys made a huge impact on the history of our country; Together, cowgirls and cowboys made an enduring contribution by courageously pioneering our country. Americans need to keep the spirit of the American West alive for future generations!

Who campaigned for such a day?

American Cowboy magazine launched the inaugural campaign, petitioning Americans to support the resolution. The late Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas was the resolution’s earliest proponent, and there was an outpouring of letters and petitions from readers (and people like you!) to legislators and the President.

When did the resolution first pass?

The United States Senate passed the resolution in 2005; George Bush supported the resolution, saying “we celebrate the cowboy as a symbol of the grand history of the American West.” The resolution has passed every year since 2005, and its proponents are confidant that it will soon be named a permanent celebration on the national calendar as public enthusiasm swells (that’s you!).

How is it celebrated?

National Day of the American Cowboy will be celebrated all across the country. Visit our store, and join in the celebration!

To start off the occasion, below is a poem penned by poet laureate Ron Wilson:

“National Day of the American Cowboy”

This is a day we set out to give praise
To those who honor the Cowboy ways.

The American Cowboy is a true hero,
Who helped our nation to thrive and grow.

The cowboy was a true pioneer,
Who braved the wild western frontier.

Not only did he tame the American West,
He stood for the values which we think of as best:

He believes in hard work, and playing hard too,
And in honoring women in all that they do.

To be independent and stand up for what’s right,
To be courageous and honest and not run from a fight.

To be brave and loyal, to ride for the brand,
And be a good steward of his livestock and land.

Those are timeless values that still hold true,
Still used every day in what modern cowboys do.

Now the U.S. Senate has voted to have a day
To honor the American Cowboy in this way.

We give thanks for all that cowboys and cowgirls do,
To keep the Cowboy way alive and true.

So we honor this legacy for the values it will employ,
As we celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy.

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