“Astray” – A Father’s Day Poem from Steve Lucas

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at F.M. Light & Sons! Our friend and cowboy poet Steve Lucas has sent us another of his works to share with you, this time on the subject of Father’s Day. We hope you have a relaxing and memorable day. However, if your day ends up anything like the cowboy in this poem then we simply commend you. Because that’s what father’s do, they take care of business and get things done, no matter what.


A Father’s Day poem by Steve Lucas

Tomorrow morning”, his sweetheart said,
“You can spend the day in bed.
Me and the kids will check and feed
Then bring the Gazette for you to read.

And then when the kids are fed,
I’ll bring you your breakfast in bed.
Then we’ll do whatever you say,
After all, it will be Father’s Day.”

When his head hit the pillow, he began to dream
About catching trout in a mountain stream
Or spending the day in his recliner,
A Father’s Day could not be finer.

Next morning, his dreams ended when in his ear,
His wife whispered “I know what I told you dear,
And I really hate to burst your bubble,
But I’m having just a little trouble.

The cow got out where the fence was weak,
She’s back, but the truck’s stuck in the creek
The well pump quit, I re-set it twice
Now all I need is your advice.”

He said “It’s okay, dearest, I was awake anyhow.
I’ll check on the pump, and look in on that cow.
I’ll get Junior and we’ll go get the truck with the tractor.”
Fishing and lounging was no longer a factor.

He pulled on his boots, and grabbed his hat
Knowin’ from the very start that
The best laid plans can go astray
For a cowboy dad on Father’s Day
– Steve Lucas

We hope that you have enjoyed this poem by Mr. Lucas. We would like to extend our thanks to him for sharing his poetry and stories with us. If you enjoyed this poem feel free to share it with your family and friends, and most of all, your dad! Steve’s other great writings that he has shared with us can be found here. And once again, we hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day.