A Cowboy Poem for Mother’s Day

Our friend Steve Lucas has once again provided us with a wonderful Mother’s Day poem that expresses the love that a cowboy’s mother has for her son. Enjoy.

A text version that may be easier to read can be found below.


What She Can

A cowboy’s mom does what she can

To turn her boy into a man

With her love and a soft touch.

She’s well aware that there isn’t much


Time for her to impart

Into her son her loving heart,

Before there comes that fateful day

When she knows he’ll ride away


To seek his fortune in a way of living

That is hard and unforgiving

Crude and lonely, rough and wild

It breaks her heart to think her child


Could wind up like old men she’s known

Crude and broken, all alone

So she prays for him every night,

And that her words are the right


Ones to show how he should live his life

And maybe find a cowboy’s wife

To love him just as she has done.

And she hopes her cowboy son


Will call or write her just to say

I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day

–   Steve

Feel free to share this image on social media with your friends and, of course, with your mother.  Also, check out all of the other poems and prose that Steve has graciously written for us, here.

And once again, happy Mother’s Day from Steve Lucas and all of us at F.M. Light & Sons!