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A Country or Western Wedding Guide

The day is drawing near and every second counts.

Planning for your wedding is a big undertaking. We want to help your planning go as smoothly as possible. If your wedding has a country or western theme, then this western wedding guide is for you. We’ve divided the planning process into four decision-making categories: Choosing the Stage, Setting the Stage, Choosing your Apparel, and Vittles.

Decision 1: Choose the Stage


The first decision to make is regarding the venue. A country wedding in a ritzy motel might work, but it probably won’t set the stage as well as a barn, lodge, or outdoor area. Choose a rustic location that will set the mood the instant your guests arrive. Country weddings are usually inspired by nature, so finding a place that compliments your color scheme and style is essential.

  • Tip: If you happen to know someone with a barn or a big yard or field, consider approaching them about using their property. This could save you money on rental fees, and you’ll most likely have much more freedom with your decorating.
Decision 2: Set the Stage

Color Scheme:

Choose a color scheme that reflects your rustic style. Western weddings are influenced by nature and a rustic way of life. Consider choosing an earthy tone for the base and then accent with a bright hue. For example, select a simple brown cowboy boot for your bridesmaids, and pair it with a rich purple or vibrant orange.


As always, flowers play a huge part in your western wedding. Choosing flowers that reflect the country feel of your event will further inspire the impression you wish to create. One of our favorites is the sunflower; its simplicity and bright colors create a very bold and beautiful statement.Wildflowers are an obvious choice, and lend a wilder, more rugged atmosphere. Another interesting choice would be cacti – they create a southwestern vibe when incorporated into your centerpieces. Even if you don’t choose a specifically western flower, mix in some western touches, such as holding together bouquets with twine, or some aspen branches. Country style is best described using opposites – pairing a delicate flower with rough burlap, for example.

Lighting and Centerpieces:

Set the mood with western lighting, such as candles, torches or lanterns. The simplicity of these lend a rustic air, and invoke the crackling of a campfire. Check with your venue first to make sure these options are possible. If you are prohibited to use open flames, floating candles in mason jars or other glassware are considered “closed.” Strands of Christmas lights also set a romantic mood, especially if you are planning an evening wedding. When deciding on centerpieces, consider using items such as tree stumps for the base. A slice of tree trunk topped with delicate blooms and candles is simple to create. Float candels or house flowers in mason jars which offer a very country feel! Here are a few excellent examples that we found:

  • In example one, a tree trunk is the perfect base for the centerpiece.
  • Example two shows us the use of mason jars as a candleholder. We also love the burlap table cloths! (Photo credit: Daniel Meigs Photography).
  • The idea in example three is fantastic – hang a ladder and dangle decorations from it, especially lighting. What’s great is that either with a minimalistic approach like this photos shows or loaded up with decorations, it creates a beautifully rustic atmosphere.
Decision 3: Choose Your Apparel

For the Bride:

Make sure you find the perfect pair to wear under your dress. The choice is entirely up toyou. Why not find a pair of boots with a burst of color? Or, you could choose a simple white or brown. Either way, it’s best to decide on a pair that will last a lifetime so that you always have the memento from your special day. Here are some more examples that we liked:

  • In the first picture, the bride chose simple brown cowgirl boots – a classic western look. She paired them with bright flowers in her bouquet for some color (photo credit: CHARD photographer)
  • In example two, the bright went with a little bit bolder of a look; the black boots with white cutouts is beautiful when paired with the turquoise jewelry.
  • The bride in example three went with a statement boot to wear under her dress; going with a bolder boot will make for a very fun photo shoot later. Why not wear your favorite color?
  • Our pick is the Marrione boot from Old Gringo. Its bright, bold color would compliment most color schemes, and it is  unique and beautiful! Inquire about it here.

Tip: Are you looking for a dress? Consider a dress from Jenny Lee. In their recent ads, they have featured a western theme – which we love!

For the Groom:

Cowboy boots are a classic choice. Also, you’ll need to decide if the groom will wear a classic western tuxedo, a blazer with jeans, or simply cowboy boots with a traditional tux.

  • The groom in the first photo is wearing a much more casual look – jeans with a blazer is great for an outdoor wedding (photo credit: Austin Gros Photography).
  • In example two, the groom is much dressier; the black tuxedo is classic, and when paired with a cowboy hat – utterly western.
  • The groom in example three is wearing the traditional black suit, but pairs it with a “good-guy” white cowboy hat (photo credit: McGowan Images).

For the Bridesmaids:

Choosing to have your bridesmaids wear cowboy boots is a growing trend. Make sure you choose a pair that is affordable, or splurge on the boots and choose a simple dress!

  • The bridesmaids in example one pair their blue dresses perfectly with brown boots (photo credit: Watson Studios).
  • In example two, the dresses are the focal point – the yellow hue is bright and happy. The brown cowboy boots are a great contrast with the feminine dresses (photo credit: Austin Gros Photography).
  • In example three (this is Miranda Lambert and her wedding party!), the boots are most definitely the focal point. Each dress is different, and each pair of boots is different – the only thing that draws them together is the hue of the dresses and the fact that they’re wearing boots.
Decision 4: Vittles


The food you choose is completely up to you. Just make sure it follows the traditional of old fashioned, hearty food and you’ll be safe. After all, the West wasn’t won with fancy cuisine and ethnic fusion. Simply cooked meets like chicken and beef in and of themselves possess a western charm. Honey makes a rustic accompaniment to cornbread or biscuits.


Western Wedding: Golondrita Cowboy Boots from Old Gringo

Last but not least, after your special day is complete and all your planning has had it’s successful outcome, send us a picture of your western wedding. We would love to see your unique ideas and the special ways you made your wedding memorable. You can contact us with a link to your photo online, or share the photo with us directly. You can also share it with is via social media, either on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Debra

    Awesome. I hope I get a chance to plan a country wedding. Remaining hopeful he will pop the question in the next year. Thanks for the post.

    1. Susanna L.

      Debra, we hope you can start planning soon as well! You are welcome for the post – it was a ton of fun writing it. 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  2. Marlene Fisher

    I enjoyed reading your wedding newsletter! I am a wedding officiant here in Steamboat Springs. I would love you to add my information on your wedding website here. I have performed many western themed weddings here in the Yampa Valley. Being married to John Fisher of Yampa Valley Boys, I feel like I know what people want in their ceremonies for a western themed wedding. Please consider adding me to your list of resources. My website is http://www.steamboatmountainweddings.com .

  3. Kasey P


    I am lucky enough to be in the beginning stages of planning our Country Wedding! I am not from Steamboat, I have only been here a year but I would love to have our reception in a barn or something equivalent. I am having trouble finding a location since I don’t really know many people around town. Do you have any advice?


    1. Susanna L.

      Hello Kasey,

      Congratulations! We’re glad you asked; we have a couple of suggestions concerning ranches in the Steamboat area. One suggestion is the Bar Lazy L Ranch, owned by some friends of ours, Shane and Forest Yeager. Another option was suggestion by an employee of ours, and that would be Saddleback Ranch, which is a common venue in the area. We hope this helps! We would love it if you shared your wedding photos with us after the event. We love western weddings!

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