F.M. Light Advice: How to Store your Hat for the Winter

How to Store your Straw Cowboy Hat for the Winter - From F.M. Light and Sons, Western Wear in Steamboat Springs, CO for Over 100 Years

With the fast approach of winter, it’s time to switch out your cowboy hat. Your straw hat was perfect for summer’s warm temperatures and hot sun, but it doesn’t keep your head warm when the snow falls. Here are some of our expert tips to store your straw hat for the winter:

  • Clean: It’s vital to clean your hat – that way the dirt and grim won’t settle into the fibers. Clean it using a soft brush (that won’t scratch the surface) to brush off the loose dirt. Then, wipe your hat with a soft, water-dampened cloth starting on the left side and working your way around in a counter-clockwise direction to remove smudges and sweat. Make sure you wipe every surface of the hat, including the sweatband.
    • Don’t Get it Wet: If your straw hat gets too wet, the straw absorbs the water and swells, making for a very misshapen hat.
    • Sweatband Care: You should clean the sweatband more regularly – preferably after each use – to avoid staining and the deterioration of the leather. Occasionally turn down the sweatband to allow moisture and hair oil to more easily escape.
    • The Brim: Always handle your hat by the brim. If you pinch the crown, it can crack.
  • Dry: Make sure your hat is dry. Storing your hat when it is damp can cause the fibers to decay, or mildew to form.
    • When letting your hat dry, do not lay it flat on its brim – this will cause it to flatten out and lose its shape. Instead, lay it crown-down.
  • Storage:A hat can is the ideal place to store your hat. It protects it from sun, damage, and the dust that tends to settle in all our closets.
    • Keep Away from Heat: Don’t let your hat sit in any form of heat for too long. This can cause it to lose its shape. And who wants to wear a crooked hat anyway?

 It sounds mighty confusing, but it’s really common sense: Your hat likes to be treated like you do. Keep it clean, dry, and cool and it’ll last you a lifetime!

Here’s a great explanation from the expert hat rep from Bailey Hat Company, Gerald:

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  1. Ron

    Nice reading and watching. FYI – it is stated above to wipe in clockwise motion, and the video states counter clockwise.

    1. Susanna L.

      Ron, thank you so much for watching and reading! I just changed the written directions. Thank you so much for catching that! Hope you are having a great day.

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