How to Care for your Boots

Boots are like friends; you have to take care of them. They can dry out, and get dirty. If you take a few minutes and maintain them properly, it will greatly extend the life of your boots, and boost your enjoyment and pride in them.

Old Boots

Old, cracked, neglected boots.

Do not let dirt and dust accumulate on leather products. After each wearing, boots should be wiped down with a damp, not wet, cloth. Dust and dirt can break down the leather and shorten the life of your boots. Allow your boots to dry out thoroughly between wearings. This prevents the onset of bacteria from forming in the leather. Allow your boots to air dry, do not set them near heat. It will dry them out excessively.
Conditioning leather is important because conditioner helps to maintain the original look and feel of the leather. Conditioning keeps the boots from drying out. Use a conditioner specially formulated for boots. Lanolin based products work best.
To keep boots looking their best, you should periodically apply a matching boot cream polish. The polish will help to cover any scuffs and can be brought to a bright luster.

Protect your boots even more with water repellant, use boot trees to help maintain your boots shape and form and use edge dressing on the outside edge to maintain welt color.

See? It’s really very simple! If you have any questions, or if you have discovered any ideas or tips for yourself, or, if a brilliant idea has popped into your head, and you want to share it, let us know!

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