Facebook® Check In: What to Know

What Does it Mean to Check-In on Facebook®?Check in on Facebook®

These days, there are all kinds of newfangled gadgets, doodads, and ideas. It takes a bit of know-how to discover what everything means. We’re here to help.

Facebook® Check In: To take part in this very useful new tool, follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your Facebook® account on your phone while you’re in the store browsing the boot section, or perusing the jean wall.

2. Find the tab that says: Nearby. Follow this link to see a list of businesses in the area. This is done by utilizing the GPS in your phone!

3. Check in: Now you can check in! There are a few benefits of doing this. Here are some examples:

Scenario A: “I’m at F.M. Light’s, and I just found the perfect pair of boots!”

Scenario B: “I’m riding Lightning the horse at F.M’s, yeehaw!”

Scenario C: You can check in to receive deals that we offer.

It’s that simple.