F.M. Light and Sons Listed as a "Must Do" in Steamboat!

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We love it when people write about their trips to Steamboat Springs. We’re very fond of our town, so when other people express their thoughts and share the fun they had, we enjoy it!

Linda and Dave of The Delicious Day write about their travels in and around Colorado. They have traveled all over

Be sure to read their article: If you live in Steamboat, you’ll want to  re-explore, and if you don’t, you’ll be planning your next trip. 
the world (they met in Borneo!), but decided to return to write about their travels and life in their home state. We’re glad they did, because Colorado is a beautiful state that holds many wonderful travel gems as well! Linda and Dave decided to “be tourists” in their own towns. What a great idea!

Recently, they took a trip to Steamboat, and wrote about their experience. Just reading it made me happy to live in this fun-loving, close-knit community.

In their article, they mention F.M. Light. We’re so glad they enjoyed they bought their rodeo tickets from us, and got some local advice. We’re so glad they stopped by!

Photo Courtesty of The Delicious Day

Be sure to read their post: <a href="http://thedeliciousday.com/denver-and-colorado/things-to-do-in-steamboat-springs-colorado/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">28 Hours in Steamboat Springs</a>, and check out their fantastic website!