Marcello V.

I’m from New Jersey, so it’s not like we know good merchandise and what the real ‘style’ is. However what I can recognize is excellent customer service, and knowing when I look damn good in something. Cindy helped me both times I was out there, and even though both times were roughly a year apart, she recognized me and my girlfriend in an instant. My first visit, Cindy helped me out with the top half. A new Hat and a good western style tie had everyone convinced I was from the area (Even though they were taken by surprise that I was from out of state to begin with). She was wary about the hat at first, saying not a lot of people were able to pull it off, but her tone changed the second she plopped it on my head. There was only one on the shelf and it was to large, but she taught me a great trick for re-sizing hats, and all we needed was a piece of cloth. What really rounded out the experience was the vest she pointed out that had been left lying on one of the benches by the boots. She suggested I try it on and it not only fit like a charm, but looked damn good on me too. Roughly a year went by before my next visit, but Cindy was there to greet me. This time she helped me pick out a pair of shoes which I still wear to this day. She even helped me convince my Girlfriend to buy a beautiful jacket, despite the fact that she’s quite the penny pincher! My name is Marcello and my Girlfriend’s name is Kala. I can say for certain that whenever I visit the Steamboat I will stopping into FM Light to see Cindy and the rest of the wonderful Staff! Even though the date is stated as May 2011 it was in early and late 2010 (Around May and October to be exact).

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