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  • Employee of the Month – Amy Thorne

    Where are you from? I grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO. I’ve been on the East Coast for the last 10 years and just moved back in June. How long have you worked at F.M Light? About a two and a half months What is your favorite Steamboat activity? Hanging out on or by the This is F.M. Light’s great-great-granddaughter Sarah Lockhart wearing all FM Light spring fashion attire and accessories. All photos by local photographer, Matt Eidt. Turquoise adds flare to any outfit! A pair of Levi’s and a good flannel will never go out of style. We’re loving the new rompers this season. Stop in and we’ll help
  • Wranglers, short by one!

    This winter we were excited to sponsor the inaugrual season of the Wrangler hockey team. They made a valiant effort to secure the championship title, but fell short – by one goal! They played teams all over the Rocky Mountain region and came in 2nd place. Not bad for the first year Rocky Mountain Juinor
  • Felt or Straw?

    “In a cowboy hat, you become a cowboy – walking a little taller and striding with confidence as others acknowledge the Western aura about you,” writes Jim Arndt in How to be a Cowboy. There are straw cowboy hats and felt cowboy hats and everything in between. But, when do you wear what? Here’s your
      Where are you from? Steamboat Springs, CO How long have you worked at F.M Light? About a year and a half What is your favorite Steamboat activity? Fishing and women’s rugby What is your favorite section in the store? Boots – I like figuring out what different people like and what would be best

    —Ginny R., Texas