Happy Birthday to Willie Nelson! A Western and Country Legend

Happy 80th Birthday to Willie Nelson - A Country & Western Legend - from F.M. Light and SonsHere at F.M. Lights we want to wish Willie Nelson a wonderful 80th birthday! To celebrate, we’re sharing one of our favorite songs (but, can you really choose a favorite song by Willie?). This song wasn’t written by him, but we still love it.

What is your favorite song? Let us know in the comments!

Here are a few fun facts about Willie that we thought we’d share:

  1. Was raised by his paternal grandparents: William Alfred Nelson and Nancy Elizabeth Smothers.

  2. Born in Abbott, Texas, USA.

  3. Toby Keith asked if he wanted to record a duet with him. Willie agreed after simply hearing the title of the song without even reading the lyrics: “Whiskey For My Men, Beer For My Horses”.

  4. Because Willie’s favorite Martin classical acoustic guitar never had a scratch plate, his persistent use of a pick for over 30 years has worn a gaping hole through his instrument’s body. Further defacement of the wooden body was caused by Willie’s insistence that friends and associates inscribe their autographs on his guitar using a ball-point pen. Some of the numerous signatures collected over the years include, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Gene Autry Leon Russell, Roger Miller, along with various football coaches and lawyers, etc.

  5. One of the three “outlaws” of country music, named because of their wild personalities, free spirits, and liberal politics. The other two are Merle Haggard and the late Waylon Jennings.

  6. He was a member of Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys during the fifties.

  7. Attended Baylor University for one year.

  8. Owns a selection of about 15 guitars, but the one he plays mostly on tour, is his Martin acoustic which he refers to as “Trigger,” named after Roy Rogers’s horse.

  9. His character of Billy “Catch” Pooler in the 1997 movie “Gone Fishin'” was inspired by a real person, Loren “Totch” Brown of Chokoloskee, Florida. “Totch” had a small role in the 1958 movie “Wind Across the Everglades”, portraying “One-Note” and acting under the name Totch Brown.

  10. He was the subject of the Toby Keith song “I’ll Never Smoke Weed with Willie Again”.

Facts and trivia taken from IMDB.com.

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